TIL -- Today I learned

This page contains short notes and sometimes code snippets, of interesting things I just found out.

Last updated: 2024-05-13

Reading speed is usually from 100 to 260 words per minute (source)
Sort list of strings in Javascript (source)
Rob Pike's 5 Rules of Programming (source)
Disallowed Focussed Tests and how it saved my day (source)
Jest mocks are ...different (source)
pwdx command shows the working path of a process (source)
There is a file system for EFI vars now (source)
Adding aliases in vite with typescript needs the same alias in tsconfig (source)
E-Mail that isn't spam is called ham! (source)
it fetch $repo_url $remote_branch:$new_local_branch` (source)
Bush refused offer to discuss Osama Bin Laden handover (source)
There is a HTML tag for "Word Break Opportunity" (source)